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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Detroit Association of Business Economists

On October 23, 2014, the National Association of Business Economists is pleased to present: The “Blue Economy”–The Importance of the Great Lakes to Michigan’s Economy.

In a recent report commissioned by the University Research Corridor and prepared by the Anderson Economic Group entitled “Innovating for the Blue Economy: Water Research at the URC,” it was stated that access to quality water is critical to key industries in the region, including manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing. The report also measured jobs that are both core water services and also products related/dependent on water for the region. It was concluded from this study that one in five Michigan jobs are tied to water innovation. The University Research Corridor is an alliance between Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. The investment in research at the three University Research Corridor institutions reached nearly $300 million from 2009 to 2013, which is roughly equivalent to automotive R&D at the same three universities. Water-related research at the URC, as well as at other universities across the region and U.S., is important in the development of technologies and processes that can be implemented in water-related industries that will make water management more effective and efficient.

In an effort to get a better understanding of Michigan’s Blue Economy, the Detroit Association of Business Economists is pleased to present a panel of representatives from the University Research Corridor and researchers in the field of sustainable water use, who will discuss some of their recent findings and future planned work. Please join us on Thursday, October 23, 2014, for what I believe will be an excellent discussion on Michigan’s Blue Economy. The meeting will begin with registration and lunch at 11:30 AM and our speakers will begin promptly at noon. The event will take place at the Detroit Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in downtown Detroit.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Detroit Branch
1600 East Warren Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Cost:              $25 forMembers and guest, and $20 Students
For more information email Katherine Nelson at katherine.nelson@chi.frb.org or call her at (313) 964-6170.

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